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We’re Moving and Shaking

There’s something about the start of a new year that makes you feel like a mover and shaker. You’ve looked back on the previous year, celebrated your successes, set goals to raise the bar even higher for yourself and your business and you’re ready to take on the...

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H.R. 5050 Was On the Money Then and Now

This year marks the 30th anniversary of one of the most game-changing pieces of legislation for women business owners: H.R. 5050, also known as the Women’s Business Ownership Act that was signed into law on October 25, 1988 by then-President Ronald Reagan. As I sat...

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Wear Your “Legal” Hat Well

As women business owners, we often wear a lot of hats—from CEO to HR Manager to Vice President of Sales. And then of course, there’s that one hat we all have to reluctantly put on from time to time—head of legal. For a lot of small and growing organizations, it makes...

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Prepare to Take Flight

You can do anything you decide to do.” —Amelia Earhart A flight instructor once said the big difference between male and female students is that male students almost always need to get their skill level up to their confidence level, while female students inevitably...

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Partnerships That Shape Success