Congratulations to Member, Melissa Porterfield for Completing the SURE Program

By NAWBO Administrator

Melissa Porterfield, SURE™ Program Graduate
Owner of Silk Mountain

NAWBO Houston is so proud of member, Melissa Porterfield for completing the SURE™ Program. According to the program’s website, the program provides entrepreneurs all the knowledge they need in order to start and grow a business. The program also offers mentorship from business leaders, one-on-one consulting from business students, all the resources available to the University of Houston, and an audience with some of Houston’s premier lending institutions.
Here’s what Melissa had to say about the program.
The biggest lesson learned was how to create a business plan. It was challenging but absolutely worthwhile. What I learned about myself is that I’m better at financials and projections than I thought I was. Given that I’ve never been a math whiz, this was huge! I really understand business planning now. I had clients before I knew how to do a business plan. This will keep me informed both is what I’m currently doing and what I need to be doing to forge ahead successfully.

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