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Business Size: Businesses owned by NAWBO® members are larger than the average women-owned businesses in terms of number of employees. Sixty-eight percent have employees; of which 17 percent have 10 or more employees.

Revenue: Twenty-five percent of NAWBO® members make more than $1 million in annual sales; and 34 percent make more than $500K.

Years in Business: NAWBO® members have owned their business for an average of 10 years.

Age: Seventy five percent of NAWBO® members are over the age of 45; and 25 percent are in the 35-44 age group

Access to Capital: As with the general women-owned firms, many NAWBO® members access capital through credit cards and personal family savings. Fifty-eight percent use credit cards and 37 percent utilize private and family savings to fund their business.

Industry: Thirty-five percent, the highest number, of NAWBO® members belong in the Professional, scientific and technical services sector.

Education: Generally, NAWBO® members are very well educated with 39 percent with post-graduate degrees.

Results from the 2011 NAWBO Member Demographics Survey

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NAWBO is proud to serve as the voice of the nation’s over 10 million women-owned businesses and represent women entrepreneurs in all sectors, sizes and stages of development and at the local level members are encouraged to engage actively with their local chapter to gain access to other women business owners, leadership development and community development. The diversity in our membership strengthens our voice across the country as all women entrepreneurs are encouraged to bring their expertise and insight to the table. Members of the National Association of Women Business Owners® (NAWBO®) are part of the largest dues paying organization for women entrepreneurs. A NAWBO® membership offers women-owned businesses the best of all worlds – connections to a national organization and brand as well as a local platform for their business and their voice and the ability to tap into the power of an already established organization.

An Investment In A NAWBO Membership Provides A Portfolio Of Benefits That Propel Business Growth And Fuel Personal And Professional Development

Are You The Right Fit For Our Growing Organization Of Women Entrepreneurs? We’re so excited to have you join our chapter! Chapter members receive marketing for their business, gain industry knowledge, and are part of our supportive community. Click here for more details on our Member Benefits. If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitate to contact us at

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  1. All new members need to complete the one time registration first before paying the specific membership charges. Any Membership without the registration charges won’t be processed.
  2. Student Members shall need to complete the student registration first before proceeding with the regular student membership charges. To be a student member you must be enrolled in a 4 year college and we’ll need the proof of enrollment.
  3. To be a retired NAWBO member, you must have been a regular NAWBO member for at least 5 years and have sold your business.

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