NAWBO Houston Launches Mastermind For Women Business Owners

By NAWBO Administrator

On Friday, September 13, the Houston chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners will their first mastermind group with the intent of helping women business owners grow and scale their businesses.

NAWBO Houston member, LoriAnne Reeves will facilitate the mastermind. Reeves is a skilled sales and business strategist, coach and author and will lead each of the mastermind groups.

Chapter President, Lisa N. Alexander is a passionate supporter of women business owners and wants women to meet whatever financial goal they’ve set for their business and to be financially solvent.

The mastermind group is split into two groups—the first group is looking to generate their first half-million dollars in revenue. The second group consists of high-income earners who are also looking to expand based on their unique set of challenges. The goal is to graduate as many women to the high-income earning group. Women reaching their goals during the mastermind will be honored at the Legacy Brunch on June 14, 2020.

The NAWBO Circle is a subset of the national organization and it’s where million-dollar earners gather. The challenges these women face are unique and NAWBO created a space for them to come together, learn, and share solutions. Alexander has set a goal for the Houston chapter to produce the most NAWBO Circle members of any chapter and the mastermind is one way the chapter intends on reaching that goal.


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