NAWBO Houston Member, Badra Andrews expands her business with new location

By NAWBO Administrator

Badra Andrews, owner of The Bouganvilleas Event Venue announced she’s expanding her business with a second event venue. A week before completing the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses Program, she found an 11-acre property with a small venue on the grounds. The property had over 1,000 oak trees on it and it was exactly what she was looking for. The space is perfect for outdoor wedding and events.

Andrews says by participating in the Goldman Sachs program, she found the courage to make an offer on the property. On April 12, 2019, she closed on the property and is making plans for a remodel that includes all new landscaping. Her goal is to have all completed by July 2019.

Andrews says:

I believe with all my heart that everything happens at the right time for the right reason and I am hoping that once I get this business going I would like to use part of the 11 acres to give back to the community, Goldman Sachs class was free of charge and I believe if someone helps you then you must help someone else to pay back to the universe. My goal is to set up an aquaponic farming system and share the food with food banks, low income families and refugees in our community.

Congratulations, Badra!

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