2020 A Year of Healing

By NAWBO Administrator

Year 2020

August 2020

Many people are looking at this year and saying I cannot wait for this year to end; I don’t even want to count this year and so on….

After months of dealing with covid-19 I have a different view 

I think 2020 is a great year because It’s a year of healing 

Family unity – families are spending more time together, doing things like cooking, reading, gardening, watching movies and going on bike rides, families are spending time getting to know each other’s.  Families are healing

Spiritually- I have never seen so many people kneeling and praying to their God in their way as much as I have seen in the last 3 months, people are praying for healing the world. Churches are now online, and everyone is praying. WOW SPIRITUAL HEALING

Businesses—Many have suffered tremendous losses by the way my business is one of them, yet many have learned how to pivot and get out of comfort zone, many have focused on what they truly love and why they got into the business to begin with. And to me and my team it has made us realize that strength comes from within and that as hard as it is every morning is a new opportunity us  to invent and reinvent our way of thinking.  “TEAM HEALING”

Racism—They say unless you hit bottom you will always be and feel comfortable, well guess what I believe we hit bottom, and everyone is showing it in different ways. And I believe this year will mark the year of healing and unity. People of all nationalities are marching together hand in hand supporting each other against racial discriminations. Against blacks, gays, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc….  “HUMANITY HEALING”

Let’s be individuals that our differences are what is so beautiful about us.

We are different but we are the same at the same time. 

Let us feel the pain, anguish and joy of 2020, let’s us learn from it so we can heal our souls and our hearts, the world needed this wakeup call, the environment needs it as well, our children got to enjoy true family unity…. 

I wanted 2020 to be a memorable year, it is my last year in my fifties lol, and God said here you go while you will never forget this year, I will help you all HEAL and REJOICE. 

As in everything in life you can look at the cup as half empty or half full, I always try to see the beauty and the good in every situation and I choose to believe that 2020 is a very impressive year I call it the YEAR OF HEALING. 

Badra Andrews

Nawbo Houston President

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