You’re More! You’re Magic!

By NAWBO Administrator

December 2020

As the year 2020 comes to an end, I wanted to say to women small business owners.

You’re more powerful than you think; you are magic!

Never underestimate your power, your story, and your voice.

We have proven this in 2020; we have been hit hard and unexpectedly, and yet here we all are still surviving and coming up with new and motivating ideas. How fitting it was that the theme for this year Nawbo National Conference was “Brave is….” I would say, “Brave is YOU.”

As a Nawbo Houston President, I wanted to end this year with “A grace in action,” an attitude of gratitude, we learn and grow from this year’s mistake, and we say, “let’s fix this together.”

Nawbo is YOU IN ACTION, the choices we make to be there for each other, and to lift each other.

As we move closer to next year, let’s commit to being active in Nawbo, to give more time of ourselves to a sister member, listen, advise, and hold her hand if need be.

Nawbo Houston will only be alive if you participate and make your voice heard. We are the magic in our household, in our community, in our businesses. Let your spirit shine brighter in 2021, and let’s make history in our community; let’s always be the light that shines the most radiant and lighten up someone’s life and help them turn it around.

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”

                                                                                    Happy Holidays 

                                                                                    Badra Andrews

                                                                                    Nawbo Houston President

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